Four Jazz Scales You Should Know

Major Scales


Jazz Melodic minor scales


Diminished Scales



Whole Tone Scales


Major Scale Modes

Major Scale Modes

Dorian minor scales

Dorian minor Scales

Harmonic minor scales

harmonic minor scales


Jazz Chords to Scales “cheat” sheet

Chord to Scale Chart

chord to scale


Improvising Tutorials

Getting Started Using Major Scales

Using major scales to improvise over major ii-V-I chord progressions.

Using major scales to improvise over minor ii-V-i chord progressions.


Getting Started Using Blues Scales-Start Here for Beginners!


Bebop Scales

Major Bebop Scales

minor Bebop Scales

Dominant Bebop Scales

Jazz Etude #1

Jazz etude #1

Jazz Duet #1

Jazz duet #1

Jazz Trumpet Trio (Blues in F)

Trumpet trio (blues in F)

Bebop Scales Etude #1

Bebop scales etude #1

Bebop Etude #2 (Cherokee)

Bebop Etude #2

ii V7 I Licks

ii V7 I Lick #1


ii V7 I Lick #2 (short)

Miles Davis Lick on “Tune Up” all (12 keys)

Miles Davis Lick on “Tune Up”

Sonny Stitt “Blues Walk” Chorus (12 keys)

Sonny Stitt “blues walk” Chorus

I Real Pro play along chord sheets

ii V I (short)

ii-7b5-V7b9-i in 12 Minor Keys 1