I Real Pro

This is a must have for all jazz players imo!  It is a virtual rhythm section including piano, bass, and drums.  Download 1,300+ jazz, Latin, funk, pop, etc. tunes to play along with.  You can change keys, tempos, rhythm feels and more!

Click here for the I Real Pro App

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Drum Genius

400 real drum loops from jazz to rock.  Great for practicing scales, patterns, licks and tunes.  Improve your time and feel and make it more fun to practice scales!

Click here for the Drum Genius App


I use this app for slowing down those super fast solos I’m transcribing.

Click here for the Anytune app

Tonal Energy

This is the best all around tuner, metronome, drone, recorder out there.  I use it everyday.  I particularly like the fact that you can set a drone if you are into mouthpiece buzzing.

Click here for the Tonal Energy app