Cup Mute

Click here for the Denis Wick adjustable cup mute

This is the most versatile mute sold.  First of all, the cup part is adjustable.  In other words, you can change the tone simply by moving it closer or further from the bell.  Secondly, if you put the cup all the way until it touches the bell, it becomes a really great practice mute.  Lastly, if you take the cup off you can use it as a plunger mute and the body of the mute (without the cup part) as a straight mute.

Straight Mute

Click here for the Denis Wick straight mute

This mute is bright and brassy and has the best tone of any straight mute I have played.

Harmon Mute

Click here for the Jo Ral copper harmon mute

This copper version of the Jo Ral harmon mute has the warmest and “buzziest” (is that a word?) tone.  You’re probably never going to need that middle stem except for the few pieces that call for them (which aren’t many).

Plunger Mute

Click here for the Humes and Berg plunger mute

Yes you can use a regular plunger that you bought from a hardware store, however, it probably will not fit over a pixie mute when you need to play those Duke Ellington tunes!  Also, be sure to drill some holes in the center so the air has some place to go.

Bucket Mute

Click here for the Humes and Berg trumpet bucket mute

Pretty much “industry standard” for trumpet bucket mutes.  Not the easiest to attach but it sounds good!

Bucket Mute (for solo work)

Click here for theJo-Ral 4C Aluminum/Copper Trumpet Bucket Mute

This mute has a cool, warm sound and feel for playing soft solos.  Doesn’t blend as well in a section as most players have the Humes and Berg version.

Pixie Mute

Click here for the Humes and Berg trumpet pixie mute.

You’re probably only going to need this for those Duke Ellington tunes like “Concerto for Cootie” but you’d hate to be without one when the time comes.

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